Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kyle Calder signed LA Kings #9

Just forgot about this one, Kyle signed it at the Jarret Stoll thing this year. Jersey coming this week, got it by mistake from my Stoll jersey kit, so I made good use of it I guess.


  1. nice number. what kind of marker did you use? I also got a puck up for trade, let me know if your interested.

  2. I'm not sure, the guys have their own. I am interested in the penguin puck (saw ur post). I have a Mike Babcock signed Wings Cup puck I will swap you for....Hey thats kinda a neat trade anyway,,,,,,08 Cup Coach puck for 09 Cup Coach puck......

  3. BTW Babcock had the Cup here last year, we were 20 in line of 1000 people. Kunitz should have the puck in regina this summer sometime,,,,,