Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well, Life Is Good, Guess Who?

We knew he would be in town tonight so we headed off to the main hotel in our town. We sat down for a drink to scope the place out and after about an hour, my wife notices a drink label of 99 Wines. Just as she reads this, two police walk into the lounge (no joke here). We overhear them talking about Gretzky in town and motion with his hand 'over there'. The server came over and my wife asked if Gretzky was staying here. She said yes and the police said he was across the street at 6/12. I guess we're old, so we had to ask what that was. She said it was the bar across the street in the other hotel. We were there earlier but missed him. We paid our bill and walked over. We aimed for pucks tonight because it was a shot in the dark. The pens were prepped we walked in the bar. Now, this is Saskatchewan, it is different here than large cities. Wayne was sitting by the door with 2 other guys, one being Kelly Chase. My wife was really nervous and waited for him to see her to ask politely. She asked and he said sure, no problem. Really without missing a word in the conversation, signed her puck and then mine. I had to shake his hand and say, thank you. He just smiled and said,"No, not a problem." We walked off. We hung out in the lobby for half hour or so laughing at people walking out mentioning Wayne Gretzky being in the bar. My wife wanted a picture either of him or with him. We discussed it for awhile if he was annoyed or ticked that we approached him. We came up with a deadline of 9:00. I said I was willing to stay there longer than that. We then went back into the bar and sat down for a drink. We asked the server if he was approached for pictures and she did not see any. My wife is the pro remember so we walked over, laughing at their choice of snacks, Sushi. She asked the guy next to him if he would take a picture, he said "Yah" He took my Blackberry and patted Wayne on the arm to look this way. He was bugging my wife by saying get in close and then turned his head away, turning it back say, "Just kidding!" He took the picture with us and as you notice, his checks were really red. Notice the pucks too, I think he was in there for a bit, enjoying our Saskatchewan hospitality. What a night. I playfully punched Chase in the arm and said, "Enjoy Saskatoon Kelly." More so to let him know, yah I know who you are.


  1. Awesome picture! Way to go.
    Yeah...just happened to run into a Hall of Famer...
    Meanwhile I am chasing backup catchers!

  2. We knew he'd be in one of two hotels. It was a shot in the dark but knew he'd be close.